Is your gambling still okay?

Here are some of the common signs of gambling harm

  • Borrowing for gambling
  • Lying about time or money spent on gambling
  • Hiding bills or unpaid debts
  • Spending a lot of time gambling, or thinking and planning to gamble
  • Exaggerating wins and/or minimising losses
  • Chasing your losses: are you trying to win back money you’ve lost by gambling even more?
  • Hiding your gambling: have you ever hidden your gambling from someone close to you?
  • Feeling guilty about gambling: do you sometimes feel guilty after gambling?
  • Losing track of time: have you ever been so into your gambling that you haven’t noticed time passing?
  • Spending more on gambling than you wanted: have you ever spent more than you planned to or more than you could really afford?
  • Gambling because you’re stressed or lonely: do you gamble to deal with feelings of stress or to stop yourself feeling lonely?
  • Feeling regret after gambling: have you started to feel regret after gambling?
  • Borrowing money: are you borrowing money from your family, friends, co-workers or even strangers, without always admitting the real reason you need the money?
  • Losing interest in other stuff: are you always thinking about gambling? About the last time, or the next time? Do you often choose gambling ahead of other activities?

Be honest with yourself. If any of these signs are familiar, it is time you take a closer look...