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Preventing Gambling Ads on Facebook

20 January 2022
We’ve heard that it can be difficult to prevent seeing gambling ads on social media, so we’ve put together a guide on how to address these issues.
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We’ve heard feedback from clients that it can be difficult and confusing to try to prevent seeing gambling ads on social media, and that ad-blocking software may not work when websites open via the Facebook app, using Facebook’s in-app browser. So, we’ve put together a guide below on how to address these issues.

As Facebook regularly updates their operating systems, these solutions may stop working. If you notice any changes, or if you're seeing gambling ads on other social media platforms, please let us know by emailing

Opening Facebook links in External Browsers

Some time ago, Facebook started building their own web browser into many versions of the Facebook App. The idea was to keep people inside the Facebook system for longer, but the In-App version of the browser has a number of restrictions and does not fully support all the features available in modern stand-alone web browsers. This can affect how many websites work, including this one.

The In-App browser is designed to discourage you from leaving so that Facebook can track what you do on any website link that you open when using the App. This gives them more data about you and your likes and dislikes and a greater chance to feed you adverts from 'relevant partners'; that is, advertisers that pay Facebook for the privilege.

However, the restrictions this imposes mean that, amongst other things, you cannot open links in a new tab or window and you cannot view or open documents such as .pdf, .doc, etc. using the In-App Browser.

Reviewing your Facebook ad settings